Message from the President

January 2022

Dear Members and Prospective Members of the Marin Women’s Political Action Committee:

Welcome to the MWPAC website and welcome to an exciting year ahead. It’s election year, and together we will work to get many more talented and bright women into elected office. To every person reading this I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and tell you that I am grateful, on behalf of MWPAC, for your friendship, support and contributions.

When I worked in Congress many years ago, there was a sign on my desk; “A woman’s place is in the House – and in the Senate.” How do we get there? We start at the level most important to us, the local level.

On our agenda for 2022, we are looking forward to continuing our 2021 vision, started under the leadership of our former President Stephanie O’Brien; “New day — New way.” Some of the exciting events we are looking forward to this year include: an elected women’s, and future elected women’s luncheon; “what it takes to run for office,” trainings; a series of candidate endorsement nights and a full press outreach effort to bring young, diverse, qualified, energetic women and contemporary voices into MWPAC and into the public arena. And let’s not forget about networking opportunities – there will be many ways to meet with powerful women who are already in office, with those of us who aspire to run for office and with each other to explore our diversity and to do some fundraising and friend-raising. We will keep you informed electronically and by mail. Let us hear from you.

By now, we thought the pandemic would be in the rearview mirror, but we are still on alert for ways to keep each other safe and healthy. We will take the lessons of the last two years and resolve to use them to be our better selves. So we will find ways to be resilient and still accomplish our priorities for the year, whether in person or via zoom. Are you in? It will be both challenging and exhilarating. I will reach out to you, and I hope you will contact me. Just contact me at and I will get right back to you. Here we go!


Cathryn Hilliard