Run to Win — A Candidate’s Workshop

MWPAC’s Candidates’ Training Workshop provides vital information

Candidates for political office, people thinking about running, and others working on campaigns, all received a serious education on how to achieve an efficient and successful political campaign. Not for the faint of heart, the intense two-hour presentation provided attendees with plenty to think about as they venture forward with present and future campaigns.

Dotty LeMieux, a Green Dog campaign consultant, talked about what really goes into a campaign, using a power point presentation to show, for example, what effective mailers look like and what they should say. Laurie Earp, Earp Events and Fundraising, itemized all the strategies for raising funds, such as making personal phone calls to ask for contributions, targeting people who would benefit directly from your success. Two speakers, Ken Martin, IAFF1775, representing Marin County firefighters, and Gina Brewer of MWPAC, outlined what goes into interviewing candidates seeking their organizations’ endorsements. Jennifer Reinhard, campaign manager for Mary Sackett’s successful run for County Supervisor, demystified the benefits of social media and how to best get your message across.

The evening began with a tasty pasta buffet, and welcome from MWPAC President Cathryn Hilliard. Each participant received a Certificate of Completion.

MWPAC Reaction to June 24th Supreme Court Decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

Oh no, we’re not going backwards! Our mission includes this statement,. “to strive to win equality for all women: ensure reproductive freedom—–.” Today’s decision by the Supreme Court is clearly contrary to what we stand for and means that young women, from today forward, will have fewer rights than we’ve had since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision we fought so hard to achieve. The Court’s deleterious action failed to follow it’s own precedent and has created the deprivation of access to health care that will affect the health of not only women, but of the nation.

MWPAC says “this is unacceptable! We need to answer back, here in Marin County and in California by passing legislation and enacting laws that will counteract the Court’s abrogation of justice for women and many other groups that will be affected. Quoting The Collective PAC, “Our only option is to codify abortion rights and to expand the majority.” The National Women’s Law Center writes, “Make no mistake. The coordinated national strategy to eliminate abortion access has already disproportionately harmed Black and brown people, LGBTQ people, young people, lower income people who can face insurmountable barriers to accessing the abortion care they need.”

What Can MWPAC do Next?

We can join with other organizations to demonstrate our strength and resistance.
We can support local ordinances, countywide measures and State legislation to ensure women’s health and safety.
We can continue to endorse and support candidates who are aligned with our goals.

Some good news.

The Governor vowed to make California a sanctuary state for women who will be able to make their own choices. At our last MWPAC meeting, we heard from Sara Goodman legislative aide to Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan about AB 1666, supported by Senator Mike McGuire. The bill prevents any lawyer, person or organization from coming into California to sue people seeking medical abortions and also protects medical abortion providers. Today, that bill has passed both houses of the Legislature and is on the Governor’s desk for signing and Chaptering.

Join MWPAC as we push back against all actions that marginalize women. We are strong, resilient, tenacious and bright!

Cathryn Hilliard, president
The board members of the Marin Women’s Political Action Committee

New Member Social

Our New Member Social scheduled for Thursday, June 23 has been postponed to Thursday, Sept. 1. It will still be at the Falkirk Cultural Center starting at 5:30 pm and cost $25. Prospective members are free! We look forward to seeing you at that time. If you sent in money for the event, you may request reimbursement or it will be held until the new event. If you have questions please contact Barbara Matas at

Pay with PayPal Here

MWPAC General Meeting and AB1666 and AB1287

Presentation by Sarah Goodman, Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan’s Legislative Assistant on AB 1666 – “Legal Protections for Abortion Care” that will protect patients & Providers in California and AB 1287 eliminating gender-based price differences known as “The Pink Tax” Q&A to follow.

Fun in the Sun at Bon Air

MWPAC had a table at the Kentfield-Greenbrae Historical Society’s Community Heritage and History Day held at Bon Air shopping center on May 7, commemorating the center’s 70th birthday! Along with many other community organizations, we met people who stopped by to say hello and find out a bit about our group. We handed out brochures and Barbara Matas had devised a tricky (not really, but challenging) trivia game and winners got healthy KIND bars, yum! Yes, they were tasty. Adorable children came up to us with a “passport” that we stamped. With enough stamps they got ice cream! The place was very busy, lots of foot traffic and paw traffic. It was warm, and windy, which challenged our stand-ups signs, but we persevered. So, we got the word out about MWPAC and raised our visibility! Fun time!

MWPAC Announces Endorsement for Supervisor District 1

MWPAC held a very successful Endorsement Night Wednesday, April 13. Members voted to endorse Mary Sackett for Supervisor of District 1 and to recommend Eric Lucan for Supervisor of District 5. They also recommended Nick Skewes-Cox for the Ross Town Council. There was no endorsement for the Assembly race as the three candidates present, Sara Aminzadeh, Damon Connelly and Ida Times-Green, were tied in the number of votes they each received. There was no endorsement/recommendation for the candidates John Carroll and Michele Crncich Hodge, running for the office of Marin County Superintendent of Schools.

Current members of the Women’s PAC are eligible to vote for endorsements if they have paid dues 30 days in advance. Endorsed women receive a campaign contribution from the group. Male candidates can receive a recommendation if they are not running against a qualified woman or no qualified woman seeks endorsement. All candidates must fill out a detailed questionnaire and support the group’s bottom-line issues.

Annual Elected Women’s Luncheon Sold Out!

Some 75 elected women and upcoming political candidates attended our annual luncheon marking Women’s History Month, which we were unable to hold for two years. Fifteen young women student leaders from County high schools and colleges were special guests. The luncheon was held at The Club at McInnis Park on Friday, March 25. It was a high energy event because everyone was so happy to see each other in person! Keynote speaker was Cristine Soto DeBerry, former Chief of Staff to S.F. District Attorneys George Gascon and Chesa Boudin. She is currently the Executive Director of Prosecutors Alliance of California, and she gave an inspirational talk about how spending two days in jail for demonstrating back in college gave her the impetus to work for causes she believed in, and become an attorney! Special guest speaker was Supervisor Judy Arnold, who spoke about how she was able to build a fulfilling career in public service. She will be retiring this year. MWPAC President Cathryn Hilliard welcomed everyone and introduced all the current and former office holders and those running for election or re-election.

MWPAC Student Leaders-2022

Dominican University
Solena Oenelas, President, Dominican Political Science Student Association
Christina Pathoumthong, Vice President, Dominican Political Science Student Association
Julia Reinhard, Secretary, Dominican Political Science Student Association

College of Marin
Emma Mitteregger, Vice President, Associated Students of College of Marin
Fernada Davila, Senator of Activities and Services,
Associated Students of College of Marin
Libby Denny, Senator of Activities and Services,
Associated Students of College of Marin

Terra Linda High School
Payton Juarez, ASB President
Jenna Miller, ASB President
Natalie Tar, Outstanding School and Community Service
Faith Coleman, Outstanding School and Community Service

Tamalpais Union High School District
Shyla Lensing, Redwood High School, Jr. Class Vice President, Founder/President Women of Color Club
Ruby Rose Amezcua, Tamalpais High School, President of Students Organized Against Racism
Jasmin Pena, San Andreas High School, Student Trustee, TUHSD Board of Trustees
Iris Canavan, Tamiscal High School, Co-President of Students Taking Action Against Racism
Raphaela Farahani, Tamiscal High School, Co-President of Students Taking action Against Racism


MWPAC General Meeting February 28 2022


Holiday Party

MWPAC held its annual holiday party at The Club at McInnis on December 8.

Many candidates preparing for upcoming elections, attended the festivities, knowing they were among friends and also potential endorsers! The food was plentiful and delicious, the wine flowing, and the conversations lively. Outgoing president of our group, Stephanie O’Brien, greeted everyone and introduced the office holders. Then Vicki Nichols, head of our Nominating Committee, conducted a vote on officers for next year. No one jumped up to throw their hat in the ring, so the voting among MWPAC members was quickly accomplished. No ballots required. Elected President is Cathryn Hilliard; Vice President Stephanie O’Brien; Treasurer Tammi Hull; and Secretary Vicki Nichols, graciously taking on the job since no one else stepped forward. A good time was had by all, and we’re looking forward to a robust 2022, fingers crossed.