How To Run a Winning Campaign

Whether you are considering running for political office in the future or you are a candidate who would like to polish your fundraising and campaigning skills, MWPAC’s Candidates’ Training on Thursday, July 16, 5:30 p.m. is the virtual place to be! Meet other candidates and share similar questions, considerations and goals.

Laurie Earp will present a fundraising seminar covering how to campaign and raise funds during COVID-19.

Nancy Warren , a professional campaign treasurer, will explain the art of completing and filing FPPC reports on time.

Zoom Anniversary Party Sparks Dialogue

On Thursday, June 18, MWPAC helped 35 members and guests celebrate our 10th anniversary and 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in America. We did this via Zoom and everybody looked good!

First we toasted to these anniversaries, talked a little bit about our history and mission to help women get elected to public office, now more important than ever! From there we had three speakers — Stephanie Moulton-Peters, newly elected to the Marin Board of Supervisors, and who previously served on the Mill Valley City Council; Renee Goddard, a member of the Fairfax City Council, who included a vigorous discussion of the Black Lives Matter movement as it pertains to Marin; and Diane Gasson, on how she arrived at the decision to run for the Novato School Board. The speakers acknowledged our group helped them in their run for office. A trivia contest based on prominent women in government challenged memories and proved educational.

Finally, we opened up discussion on various topics. Marin DA Lori Frugoli noted changes she’s making in her department and new programs she’s initiating to respond to community needs. Allison Kustic, a student at Dominican University, made suggestions on how to reach younger women — a goal of our organization. Here is a list of the generous donors who sponsored this event. Thank you!

Judy Arnold
Laurel Druke
Stephanie Moulton-Peters
Lori Frugoli
Dotty LeMieux
Edward Denebein
Cynthia Koehler
Holli Thier
David Gabriel
Vicki Nichols
Bonnie Hough
Rachel Kertz
J. Bridget Gleason
Melissa Blaustein
Windi Snearly
Tamara Hull
Maika Gulati

MWPAC Announces Endorsements

Members of the Marin Women’s Political Action Committee met January 15 at the San Rafael City Council Chambers and voted to endorse and recommend the following candidates running for public office:

Stephanie Moulton-Peters, District 3, Marin Board of Supervisors
Kathleen Defever, Tiburon Town Council
Elizabeth Brekhus, Ross Town Council
Sashi McEntee and Tricia Ossa, Mill Valley City Council

Dennis Rodoni, District 4, Marin Board of Supervisors
Charles Kircher, Ross Town Council

MWPAC supports qualified women who run for public office. The organization recommends male candidates who meet our bottom line issues and either are not running against a qualified woman, or there are more open seats in a race than there are qualified women candidates. All candidates have to fill out a questionnaire before they are invited to participate in the group’s Endorsement Night.

Video courtesy of Marin Community Media.

Run to Win!


Thursday, August 15, 2019


Time Management, Endorsements, Web Design, Social Media,
Basics of Fundraising and Basics of Running a Campaign


Laurie Earp of Earp Events and Fundraising
Lise Stampfli, Web Designer
Dotty LeMieux of GreenDog Campaigns
Pat Johnstone, Community Organizer and Campaign Field Director
Nancy Warren, Warren Enterprises
Diane Gasson, Novato Unified School District, Trustee
Brad Breithaupt, Editor Marin IJ
Ken Martin, Marin Professional Firefighters

Marin Womens” Political Action Committee’s Candidate Workshop – “Running To Win” with Gina Brewer and Nancy Warren. Nancy’s talk is on FPPC Compliance.

Marin Womens” Political Action Committee’s Candidate Workshop – “Running To Win” with Dotty LeMieux on Campaign Basics 101

Marin Womens” Political Action Committee’s Candidate Workshop – “Organizing Your Volunteers To Walk and Phone Bank” with Community Organizer and Campaign Field Director, Pat Johnstone.

Marin Womens” Political Action Committee’s Candidate Workshop – “Getting That All Important Endorsement” with Marin IJ Editor, Brad Breithaupt.

Marin Womens” Political Action Committee’s Candidate Workshop – “Getting That All Important Endorsement” with Marin Professional Firefighters, Ken Martin.

Marin Womens” Political Action Committee’s Candidate Workshop – “Making Your Website Work For You and Social Media” with Web Designer and Consultant, Lise Stampfli.

Marin Womens” Political Action Committee’s Candidate Workshop – “A Personal Experience of Campaigning” with Novato Unified School District Trustee, Diane Gasson.

Marin Womens’ Political Action Committee’s Candidate Workshop – “Fundamentals and Fun of Fundraising” with Earp Events and Fundraising’s Laurie Earp.