What is the Marin Women’s Political Action Committee’s Coaching/Mentorship/Education Program? 

The Education/Coaching/Mentorship Program sponsored by the Marin Women’s Political Action Committee is designed to promote equity of women in all aspects of pay, power and personal satisfaction. The program is set up to encourage, assist and teach both women and men how to participate effectively in the democratic process.

Although we support and encourage many men who seek political office and offer the Coaching Program to them as well as women, the hallmark of the program is “women helping women.” We desire to use our individual and collective voice/s to promote policies and laws that are friendly to us and, in doing so, develop personal leadership skills that enhance every aspect of our lives.

Anyone who has an interest in sharing their expertise and in growing to help others grow should sign up to be a mentor. Bring your experience of being elected to a position, appointed to a position, running for an office, working for an elected official or volunteering on a campaign to the coaching project. You may have experiences in fields such as public presentation and public speaking, which you would like to bring to our project. Please sign up for more information.



click here for a printable form, complete and mail to:

Marin Women’s Political Action Committee
P.O Box113
Kentfield, CA 94914. 

Do I Need a Coach? 

Athletes have them. Singers have them. Rising stars in business, government and other professions have them. So do most successful people in political life.

What do all these achievers have in common?

Mentor Coaches! People who help other people conquer their fears, realize their potential and perform their best so they can reach their goals.

Now, with the new MWPAC Mentor/Coach Program the benefits and rewards of having your own Mentor/Coach are within your reach. Maybe it’s when you have an opportunity to take on a big, new challenge. Maybe it’s when everyone says you should run for office. Maybe it’s when you have volunteers lined up who want to campaign for you. Maybe it’s the first time you realize that you have to raise money. You should be all set, but something just doesn’t feel right.

Do I Need a Coach?” Take this survey to find out.

The answers to the following may be all you need to make the decision to make the commitment. Ask yourself:

  1. Have I procrastinated or practiced negative self talk about my chances in politics?
  2. Am I unsure about making a real contribution to an appointed or political office?
  3. Even though I know I can make a contribution, am I unknowing, confused or intimidated by the political process?
  4. Do I know all my strengths, talents and aptitudes?
  5. Do I dread public speaking especially “ad libbing”?
  6. Am I shy or uneasy about promoting myself & discussing my qualifications?
  7. Do I know what motivates and what doesn’t motivate me?
  8. Do others continually take the credit for my work & ideas?
  9. When I am recognized, do I downplay my contributions, even to myself?
  10. Do I have trouble standing up to people with whom I strongly disagree?
  11. Do I constantly put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own?
  12. Do I have dreams (not just political) I haven’t fulfilled?
  13. Do I give up too soon or allow obstacles to stop me from reaching my goals?
  14. Do I keep making the same life-choice mistakes?
  15. Do I truly want to turn my dreams into reachable goals?
  16. Would I have trouble asking strangers for support?
  17. Would I have trouble asking them for money contributions?
  18. Do I take rejection personally?
  19. Am I afraid of failure?
  20. Am I afraid of success?

If you answered “Yes!” to more than 2 of the above, it’s time for a coach.

Am I a Coach?

A survey has been developed to seek our feedback and needs as we offer a coaching/mentoring training program. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and return it as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and support of this effort.

Please click here for a printable form

Are you interested in pursuing an appointed or elected position?

No _________
Maybe _______

2. What position are you considering?

3. Would you like a mentor and the ability to network with like-minded women if there were these available resourses?

No _________
Maybe _______

4. Are you willing to commit time to meeting with a Mentor/Network group of elected or appointed women?

No _________
Maybe _______

5. What skills do you possess currently to be a viable appointed/elected candidate? Please list:

6. What community service are you currently involved in?

7. What skill(s) will you need to develop or refine?

8. What type of support/help do you need?

9. Other comments or suggestions

Please click here for a printable form